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Tuyen Tran


Senior Software Engineer


mgm technology partners Vietnam


Tuyen Tran is a software engineer and team leader at mgm technology partners Vietnam, a leading company in developing secure online applications for various sectors. He joined mgm Vietnam in 2016, when it was still a young company, and worked on building an e-commerce platform for a European customer. He has witnessed and contributed to the growth and development of mgm Vietnam over the past seven years. He is also a happy husband and father of a cute little boy. He loves playing football in his spare time. He recently decided to join DevDay as a speaker to share his knowledge and experience with junior engineers and students.


A CI/CD synopsis for beginners


14:20 - 15:10




Basic knowledge audience


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) have become essential tools for developers with years of experience. However, many students or freshers may be curious about how applications are tested and delivered to the production environment. As every engineer was once a student, it’s important to note that CI/CD is often not covered in traditional courses. This sharing session aims to provide insights into this topic and help those new to the field better understand the process.

Tuyen Tran
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