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Anh Tran


Technical Architect


MTI Technology


Anh Tran is a technical architect at MTI Technology, a product and digital transformation company that has a branch in Da Nang city, Vietnam. He has over nine years of experience in software development and has played various roles such as software engineer, technical leader, and project manager. As a technical architect, he is passionate about building the best products that suit business needs by applying DevSecOps, CI-CD, automation, engineering practices, AI, and more.


AI and the evolution of software development automation


16:00 - 16:50




Basic knowledge audience


Software development automation is a way to improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of software development. This talk will cover how automation has evolved from collaborative tools to low-code development, test automation, and CI/CD implementation. It will also introduce AI and some models such as ChatGPT, a model that can generate code from natural language. It will discuss the future of AI-powered software development, as well as the opportunities, challenges, risks, and dangers it entails.

Anh Tran
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