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Son Lee


Chief Marketing Officer


AIT Labs Limited


Son Le is the Marketing & Team Leader of AIT Labs Limited, a company that focuses on developing A. I and data processing through the convenience and advantages of a blockchain network. He also co-founded MegaDao Ventures, a private venture capital firm that provides investments and support for various blockchain projects and start-ups. Son has exceptional experience in blockchain and entrepreneurship, as well as his marketing and managing expertise.


AIT Protocol empowers Big Data Analytics, the fuel of AI Development

F Hall

13:30 - 14:20




Basic knowledge audience


Training data is one of the primary ways that big data fuels #AI development. To train and learn, machine learning algorithms require enormous quantities of data. The AIT Protocol is a #Web3, revolutionary approach with the innovative Train-to-Earn model, which process and analyze big data with a cross-chain solution, aiming to address the challenges small AI start-ups face.

Son Lee
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