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Nghiem Nguyen




Greenwich Vietnam


Nghiem Nguyen is the Director of Greenwich Vietnam. He has over 19 years of experience in the IT industry and more than 10 years in education. He holds a PhD in Information Systems from Curtin University in Australia. Nguyen has been a speaker at forums such as Hackathon in France 2017 and has worked as an IT Project Manager in the Maintenance domain at Osaka University, where he was also a teaching staff member and lecturer. He participated in Devfest 2018 and served as a mentor for Devfest 2017 and Senior Mentor for Funix University. Additionally, he was a Chair Session for Information Technology and Biotech at ICIIT 2020.


Be the right mentor, mentee and coach in IT


16:00 - 16:50




Expert knowledge audience


Mr. Nguyen Duy Nghiem will share his experiences and insights on being the right mentor, mentee and coach in IT. Drawing from his work with many professors in the United Kingdom and his experiences with colleagues in Vietnam, United Kingdom, Japan, United States of America, France, Belgium and Singapore, Mr. Nghiem will provide valuable tips and advice on how to succeed in these roles.

Nghiem Nguyen
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