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Trung Dang


Trainer and Web Developer


CodeGym Vietnam


Trung Dang is a trainer and web developer at CodeGym Vietnam, the first company to apply Coding Bootcamp training method in Vietnam. Coding Bootcamp is a programming training model that helps students quickly learn and get ready for the job market. It also offers package employment solutions and long-term sustainable development. Mr. Trung has been teaching for two years and has five years of experience in leading java web projects. He is a Full Stack Web Development, proficient in both frontend and backend development.


CI/CD with Jenkins and GitHub


09:30 - 10:20




Basic knowledge audience


In this session, we will explore the powerful combination of Jenkins and GitHub for implementing a robust CI/CD pipeline. Jenkins is one of the most popular DevOps automation tools available today and has built-in support for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). By integrating Jenkins with your project’s GitHub repository, you can significantly improve your software development process. We will cover an introduction to CI/CD and Jenkins, including its benefits and disadvantages. Additionally, we will demonstrate how to set up a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline with GitHub. The session will conclude with a Q&A.

Trung Dang
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