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Nam Nguyen


Chief Executive Officer(CEO)


TAG Ventures


Nam Nguyen is a blockchain and technology entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder and CEO of TAG Ventures, a venture capital firm that supports innovative startups in the space. He also co-founded TAG Chain, a blockchain software company that delivers solutions for various sectors. He is the COO of Kingdom Raids, an RPG game developed by Alley Labs, a leading gaming studio with over 100 million downloads. He has rich experience in operating and scaling businesses and gives strategic advice to several growing projects.


DEFI: the advanced transition

F Hall

14:20 - 15:10




Basic knowledge audience


In this presentation, Mr. Nam Nguyen will provide a comprehensive overview of Defi - a rapidly evolving area of finance that has gained significant attention in recent years. The presentation will cover seven key topics that will deepen your understanding of this fascinating subject:

1. Defi's nature and its relationship with Bitcoin
2. Differences between Defi and CEFI (centralized finance)
3. The outstanding advantages of DEFI.
4. The period of DEFI's explosion.
5. Potential drawbacks and challenges associated with DEFI after its initial explosion.
6. The transformation and innovation are getting more advanced.
7. Future predictions and trends for DEFI.

Nam Nguyen
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