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Loc Tran


Consultant/ Cybersecurity and Engineering


Evvo Labs


​Loc Tran graduated with a B.Eng in Embedded Systems from DUT Vietnam in 2015 and subsequently worked as an S.E at Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam. In 2016, he was accepted into the KGSP program and completed his M.Eng in IT Convergence from KIT South Korea in 2019.
After completing his Master's degree, he worked at various companies including LG Display, DAScoporation, and Datatize VN. In 2020, he also took on academic roles as faculty at the University of Danang and the University of Economics, teaching subjects related to electronic commerce.
In addition to his professional experience, he has also been involved in research projects at the Wireless and Emerging Network System Laboratory (WENS) and has expertise in fields such as automotive, IoT, SIoT, VANET, data, AI, cybersecurity, DevOp, and project management. He currently holds the position of a consultant and is responsible for project and resource management at EVVO Labs Pte. Ltd.


From Reactive to Proactive: How DevSecOps Helps You Stay Ahead of Security Threats


16:00 - 16:50




Intermediate knowledge audience


DevSecOps is a practice that integrates security into the software development process, enabling organizations to build, test, and release secure software more efficiently. By shifting security left in the development cycle, DevSecOps helps organizations proactively identify and address potential security threats before they can cause harm. In this keynote session, we will explore the benefits of adopting DevSecOps, including improved efficiency through automation of security testing and integration of security into the development process; increased security through early identification and addressing of vulnerabilities; and enhanced collaboration between development, operations, and security teams. Overall, DevSecOps can help organizations move from a reactive to proactive approach to security and stay ahead of threats.

Loc Tran
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