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Hieu Trinh


Technical Leader


Rikkeisoft Corporation


Hieu Trinh is a technical leader at Rikkeisoft Corporation, a leading IT outsourcing provider in Vietnam that works with global clients across various industries. He has 5 years of experience in information technology, specializing in cloud systems and low-code systems. He is proficient in AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms and has delivered many successful projects for big Japanese corporations. He is also an award-winning speaker on information technology and cloud systems, sharing his practical experience and passion with his audience. In his free time, he loves reading science fiction and fantasy books and exploring new technology and gadgets.


Microsoft Power Platform - A new tech ecosystem for business


13:30 - 14:20




Basic knowledge audience


In this session, we will introduce the Microsoft Power Platform, a low-code platform that enables users to create custom business applications and automate processes without extensive coding knowledge. The platform consists of four main components: Power Apps for creating custom business applications; Power Automate for automating workflows and integrating with other services; Power BI for data visualization and business intelligence; and Power Virtual Agents for building AI-powered virtual agents. With the Microsoft Power Platform, organizations can quickly develop custom solutions to streamline processes and improve efficiency and productivity. The low-code nature of the platform makes it accessible to a wide range of users.

Hieu Trinh
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