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Xavier Malparty


Technical Lead




Xavier MALPARTY is a technical lead at Nimble, a company that provides outstanding Web and Mobile applications for businesses. He has a master's degree in IT & Management from four different countries: France, Austria, China, and Belgium. He started his career as an intern at a company that challenged him to open new offices in Vietnam. He spent seven years there, managing the offices in HCM and being involved in various activities such as presenting the IT strategy to top executives, delivering technical training to local teams, creating a monthly video podcast for cross-office communication, and hosting several events. Two years ago, he moved to Da Nang and joined Nimble as a senior developer to pursue his passion for tech. He is now a technical leader at Nimble, where he works on web development, software testing, agile practices, design patterns, and code elegance. He is proficient in Ruby/Rails, Go/Gins, and TypeScript/React languages and frameworks. He is also certified in AWS and Stripe (online payments). He is eager to share his knowledge and experience at DevDay 2023.


My journey from "no tests" to "every single thing shall be automated


14:20 - 15:10




Basic knowledge audience


In this presentation, I will share my personal journey from working at a company with no test automation and many QA testers to a company that relies heavily on test automation and has high expectations for code quality. Through storytelling, I will provide hands-on tips for developers who want to start implementing tests but feel overwhelmed by buzzwords like “100% coverage” or “Test Driven Development,” or by the many options available in their testing frameworks. Join me to learn more about the benefits of test automation and how to navigate the challenges of implementing it in your own work.

Xavier Malparty
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