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Tuyen Nguyen


Web Application Security Engineer


mgm technology partners Vietnam


Tuyen Nguyen is a penetration tester at mgm technology partners Vietnam, a leading company in developing secure online applications for various sectors such as e-commerce, insurance, and public institutions. He has over four years of experience in finding and fixing security problems in IT systems for customers across different industries.


Security beyond OWASP TOP10


09:30 - 10:20




Basic knowledge audience


In this talk, we will delve into the world of application security beyond the widely recognized OWASP Top10. This catalog of the most critical security risks to web applications has been a benchmark in the industry for decades and is frequently referenced in job interviews and service descriptions of security companies. However, with updates only occurring every four years, it begs the question: is the security world really that slow to change? We will discuss a relatively new attack pattern and analyze its evolution in recent years to provide a fresh perspective on the dynamics of the application security world.

Tuyen Nguyen
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