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Maressa Ribeiro


Manager of Training


Code Engine Studio


Maressa Ribeiro is the Manager of Training at Code Engine Studio. She has experience in education since 2008 and has worked in universities as a professor and in companies as a trainer and consultant. Maressa helps professionals improve their abilities, especially soft skills. She has participated in events and conferences as a speaker talking about hard and soft skills. Maressa has been working in the IT field since March 2022 at Code Engine Studio in Vietnam but before that, she was in charge of Leadership training at a company in Brazil.


Top soft skills for developers boost their careers in the age of artificial intelligence


15:10 - 16:00




Intermediate knowledge audience


While artificial intelligence has revolutionized the field of coding, it’s unlikely to replace software engineers entirely. However, the role of a software engineer is changing and writing code is becoming a smaller part of the job. In this session, we’ll explore the top soft skills that developers can develop to boost their careers in this new landscape. We’ll also discuss ways to develop these skills and stay ahead of the curve.

Maressa Ribeiro
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